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An Avi-cultured Woodsman

Have you seen this commerical?

I just find it funny that a mountain woodsman type would have a harem of exotic weaver-finches in his beard.

And anyway, that does not sound so much like the contact calls of she-Zebra Finches.

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Bi-curious Eagle

Well, I thought that it was funny, but no one Like'd it.

By the way, in case this is not your type of humor, rather than pissing and moaning that it is not snarktastic enough for you (or wtf enough in other cases), you could contribute something of your own! Just sayin' . . . :)

Твой сценарий - говно!

A few months ago, I watched Iron Man 2 (2010)
©IMDB, 6 April 2010

I understand that the movie is fictional, but that scene in which Ivan Vanko (played by Mickey Rourke) constructs his "arc reactor" body armor while his pet cockatoo (played by Sunny?) patiently bears witness was too much for me. Even if one can believe that Ivan Vanko has a full metal and electronics shop set-up in his urban Moscow flat, how can anyone believe that Ivan Vanko would be able to work in peace without that Cockatoo chewing up every single wire in the place?

You lose. ©
So I have been a lax moderator, but I think that over-moderation is worse. Allow me to explain what I mean (and also why I am convinced that the average IQ among LJ users exceeds that of the Yahoo! group crowd by at least two standard deviations). I posted to several avicultural Yahoo! groups an invitation to participate in a "moment" created in order to document an event sponsored in part by the local finch club of which I am a member. I am not big on shows, but I appreciated the aviary tours and the fact that educational talks were included. Of course, no one has collabourated with me on that little project, because the majority of those folksy folks in avicultural clubs are so fearful of technology and change . . . I'd have better luck training an autistic budgie to participate. Anyway, I did manage to ruffle some feathers of administrators of Doves_as_pets_and_friends Yahoo! Group.

What's the big bleepin' deal?Collapse )


Someone in an avicultural forum just posted an inquiry on the availability of "erotic Pelicans." I do hope that there is not a pelican sex trafficking market in place.

Birds on (The customer is) Not always right

1. It's not a bird ID hotline. I think that will try that with an auto insurance claims department line, one day.

2. More on birds' feelings and about mystery of all things . . . WTF?

a.General failure regarding flightless birds
b. And this customer has proposed his/her own phylogeny based on what those critters go in.

4. Birds bite, customers bite harder.

5. It's a "Catch your own bird, and name your price" sale

6. Break on through to the passenger side.

7. Some people find baldness to be cute or sexy, while others have a zero tolerance policy.

This list is not comprehensive, so add the ones that you have read (and from other repositories of such precious dialogues) in the comments.

Bittersweet Necro-Swallow

Regarding the necro-Swallow, check out the Facebook post and commentary (or else peek under the cut).

"Proof" that birds have emotional IQ, doobie doo!Collapse )

Nazism and war crimes? Seriously? Oh yeah, I am a shocking destroyer!

By the way, Irena Schulz is the caregiver to Snowball as well as a co-author of this publication, among others on similar topics.

LOL about CL

There is something snarkilicious on Craigslist. If the link is expired, see the cut below.

On the psychic and spiritual receptiveness of birdsCollapse )

Wow! That "3/3 successful survival rate for the latest three eggs" is very "cogent" indeed! Someone must "'tell me more!'"

1. Is the psychogenic cognition demonstrated by the parents and passed on in their contributions to the embryo or is it that the embryo in ovo is responding well to the psychic energy?
2. Why is "Science" capitalised as a proper noun: is it some entity like Nature, or is it that the posters seek to publish in those journals?
3. And should the applicant be prepared to disrobe for the "psychic-based massage?"

Yeah, starving scientists just love to get paid in "psychic-based" massages! Surely beats NSF report writing for free . . .
Basically, every single line of this Craigslist classified makes me spit up whatever I am drinking. I want whatever they are smoking.

As Sporty as a Swan

I was at San Diego Wild Animal Park, the week before last, for a "Biomimicry Workshop" with representatives from a large and well known sporting goods company. At some point, we divided into groups and roamed the park. When passing by a pond, one in my group said "Check out that Swan." I was preoccupied with Cormorants at the moment, but I soon rushed over to see what he was talking about. I was looking all around and could not find a Swan. Finally, I spotted my companion photographing a Great Egret who stood on a rock; he was saying "That Swan is just chillin'."

For the rest of the the zoo-park tours over the next two days, if at any point an Egret was sighted, I heckled this guy, saying something like "Look, there is your Swan." He was a good sport about it, though!

Damn, birders need to simmer down!

I am a big fan of 10,000 Birds, in general. However, I do not care for the posturing and shaming. I just think that it spoils the blog a little bit.

On the one hand, I totally support and encourage such vigilantism. On the other hand, we do not have the full story here, and I do not find the photos particularly "incriminating," considering that the "culprit" is not pictured traipsing through patches of thick vegetation. If the guy had been running around the place with his waterfowl sporting dog, I think that the author and the commiserating shamers would have had a very strong case. Yes, barging onto shore with your T-shirt that reflects nearly all wavelengths of light is sort of an assy thing to do, with or without permission, by the way; however, if an avid birder thinks that he has never alarmed a mother hen or distracted a insectivore from his catch or inconvenienced a bird in another way unintentionally, he is delusional. I just cannot understand how the author and all most* commenters there can be so certain that this guy is deserving of such derogatory treatment.

Birders need to be cool.

*At least one commenter shares my criticism.